Tejas Lodge Members Exceled at 2017 Conclave at Kinsey Scout Reservation

Members of Tejas Lodge participated in the SR2 Section Conclave at Kinsey Scout Reservation in Stonewall Louisiana on April 21, 22, and 23, 2017.  Fifty seven members from the lodge attended representing all chapters.  Members competed in a variety of events from Ultimate Frisbee to Fancy Dance. All the effort came up a bit short in the Best of Section competition, resulting in a second place finish.
Six Dancers represented the lodge with awards going to Justin K for a first place in Traditional Dance, Clint K with a second place in Fancy Dance and Josh M with a third place in Fancy Dance.
The lodge received a first place award in the Newsletter competition and second place in the Website competition.
Tejas Lodge members James M, Jonathan G, Ben K and Michael P. received first place in the Section PreOrdeal Competition.  Members James M., Matt A., Jonathan B., and Michael P. earned a second place finish in the Brotherhood ceremony competition.  Team mebers Caden K., Jonathan G., Timmy V., and Zachary B. placed first in the Ordeal Team completion and was recognized as an Honor Team and were presented with Belt Buckles.  Jonathan G. competed in the individual Metue Legend Competition and was recognized with an Honor team belt buckle.  James M received a medal in recognition of being the BEST OVERALL ALLOWAT.  Michel P. was recoginized as the BEST OVERALL KICHKINET with a medal.
The weekend wrapped up with a team second place victory in Ultimate Frisbee after 37 minutes of sudden death competition and a third place in Volleyball.
The section also presented 4 Section Service Awards.  The award is a limited edition belt buckle.  Three of the 4 buckles were awarded to members of Tejas Lodge.  Jonathan B., Kevin Boatman and Drate Berry received the award for the years of dedication they have given the section.  All three have had active leadership roles in planning conclaves for the last several years.  If you see any of these arrowmen, please congratulate them.
Finally, Levi M. completed his year of service to the section.  Sunday concluded his term as Section Secretary.  Tejas lodge had 3 Conclave Vice Chiefs: Thomas G., Kevin B. and Jonathan B.  Three adults from Tejas lodge also served as Conclave Vice Chief Advisers.  They are Cece Allen, Kevin Boatman, and Chris Peuifoy. Our lodge is also represented by Bob Berry as a Section Associate Adviser.  Please thank these individuals for the tireless service they provided to make this a great, fun event for all.