2017 End of Year Review


The 2018 Tejas Lodge Officers will be hosting the Lodge Leadership Development and Chapter Officers Training on January 12th and 13th at G.W. Pirtle Scout Reservation.  All lodge members are invited to attend this fun weekend of training and learning.  In addition to sessions on chapter administration and elections, additional sessions will be presented on communication, running fun and fresh chapter meetings, using the OA troop representative and the extended elangomat program.  This is a great opportunity for members new and old to get involved.  The registration form is available at: https://tejaslodge.org/resources/2018-lld-training/


Your 2018 Tejas Lodge Dues can now be paid at the discounted rate of $15.00. Members who completed the Ordeal in 2017 have prepaid dues for 2018.  Arrowmen who completed the Ordeal in 2016 or before will need to be current to participate in lodge activities in 2018.  The regular rate of $25.00 will be effective after March 1, 2018.  The dues form can be found at: https://tejaslodge.org/2018-tejas-lodge-dues-form/



The 2017 Vigil class for Tejas Lodge is Jeff Berquist, Nolan B., Joshua D., Barbara Krizan, James M., Barbara Krizan, Chris Norwood, and Hunter S. These members completed their Vigil at G.W. Pirtle Scout Reservation on December 2, 2017. Jeff Berquist received the vigil name,   Ahknnitunaye Asuu which means  “Bearded one who sings”.  Nolan B. will be known in the vigil honor as the “chief who plays games” or Sakima Wlinhake”.  Kanshawen Wisawsu is the vigil name presented to Joshua D and it means “Ambitious Blonde One”.  Barbara Krizan will hence forth be known as Chipetun Nitatun or the “Courageous Skillful One”. “Memory Master” or Meshatam Temiket was the name presented to James M. Scott Norwood’s will complete his vigil in January. The final member of the Vigil class of 2017 is Hunter S., our “Unselfish Hard Working Friend” or Nepe Welalukeokan Winkalit.  Congratulations to these lodge members on receiving this honor.


Congratulations to the members of the Wo-Ha-Li Chapter led by Chief James M. who earned the 2017 Tejas Lodge Chapter of the Year recognition.  The runner up chapter was the Five Rivers Chapter.

The 2017 Lodge banquet was hosted by the Wo-Ha-Li Chapter on November 11th at Pollard United Methodist Church in Tyler, Texas.  Members had the opportunity to meet and hear a keynote address from a former Tejas Lodge Chief,  Matt Hill.  Mr. Hill is currently the Deputy Scout Executive at the Heart of America Council in Kansas City, Missouri.  Wo-Ha-Li chapter advisor Terry Westmoreland was recognized with the James E. West Fellowship Award by the members of Tejas Lodge.  The 2017 Lodge and Chapter officers were recognized for their service. The new 2018 lodge officers were inducted by Associate Section Advisor Bob Berry.  Congratulations to the 2018 lodge officers: Chief Lake B., Vice Chief of Administration James M., Vice Chief of Service Nolan B., Vice Chief of Ceremonies Zachary B., Vice Chief of Native American Affairs Randon B., and Secretary Ben K. The 2017 Founder’s Award was presented to Levi M. and Kevin B. The evening concluded with the 2017 Vigil Call Out.  The 2017 Vigil class is Jeff Berquist, Nolan B., Joshua D., Barbara Krizan, James M., Barbara Krizan, Chris Norwood, and Hunter S.