The mission of the Tejas Lodge, Order of the Arrow is to fulfill its purpose as an integral part of the East Texas Area Council, Boy Scouts of America through positive youth leadership under the guidance of selected capable adults.


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What is an Elangomat and what does he do?

Elangomat is the Lenne Lenape word meaning “friend.” During the Order of the Arrow Ordeal weekend, the Elangomat undertakes the challenges of the Ordeal along with his clan. After the Ordeal weekend, the Elangomat stays in contact with his clan and provides encouragement for the new members to attend chapter meetings, lodge events, and to seal their membership by obtaining Brotherhood membership.

Why you should be an Elangomat

Being an Elangomat is a rewarding experience. When you are an Elangomat, you will lead a group of candidates who are from your chapter. This experience will allow you to meet the new members of your chapter and have an impact on their experience in the Order of the Arrow. As an Elangomat you are with the candidates as they experience the journey towards membership in the Order of the Arrow.

What you receive for being an Elangomat?

Yes! At the Ordeal weekend, you will receive a special Elangomat t-shirt that you may wear throughout the weekend and after the weekend if you choose. This shirt is yours to keep. During the weekend, the t-shirt makes it easier for an Elangomat to be identified from his clan. After the Ordeal weekend and after 50% of his clan has obtained Brotherhood membership, the Elangomat will receive a special Tejas Lodge red ghost flap with the word “Elangomat” stitched in silver mylar.

How to earn the red Elangomat patch

The first step to earning the special Elangomat patch is to attend Elangomat training. For a current list of the Elangomat training dates, see the lodge calendar. After completing the Elangomat training, the Arrowman will need to serve as an Elangomat at either the July or August Ordeal Weekend. At the Ordeal weekend, the Arrowman will serve as an Elangomat for a clan composed of scouts from within his own chapter. After the Ordeal weekend the Elangomat will receive a list of his clan members and their contact information. He will then be responsible for encouraging his clan to attend chapter meetings, lodge events, and to complete their Ordeal by obtaining Brotherhood membership. Once the Arrowman has fulfilled all of these requirements he will receive his Elangomat pocket-flap. Only one pocket-flap may be awarded per Ordeal of service. To receive two pocket-flaps, an Arrowman must serve as an Elangomat at two Ordeals and both of his clans must obtain 50% Brotherhood conversion.

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